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Internal Medicine

We perform a wide variety of duties designed to keep the patients in a stable condition. We DIAGNOSE & TREAT AILMENTS & INJURIES related to  a person’s internal organ system. Including Digestive Organs, Cardiovascularorgans (Heart and Blood vessels), Lungs, Spleen, Liver, Kidneys, Brain & others.

Reduce upto 65%-70% of body weight

Stomach band surgery and breast firming at Case Medical Center affiliated with Asia Pacific Bariatric Surgeons Society (APBSS) AND Internal Federation for Surgery of Obesity

Weight loss of 65–80% of excess body weight is typical of most large series of gastric bypass operations reported. The medically more significant effects are a dramatic reduction in comorbid conditions:


Advantages of Stomach band surgery

·         Hyperlipidemia (abnormally elevated levels of any or all lipids and/or lipoproteins in the blood) is corrected in over 70% of patients.

·         Essential hypertension is relieved in over 70% of patients, and medication requirements are usually reduced in the remainder.

·         Obstructive sleep apnea (obstruction of the upper airway, characterized by repetitive pauses in breathing during sleep,) is markedly improved with weight loss through bariatric surgery may be curative for sleep apnea. Snoring also improves in most patients.


Advantages of Stomach band surgery

·         Type 2 diabetes is reversed in up to 90% of patients  usually leading to a normal blood sugar without medication, sometimes within days of surgery.

·         acid reflux disease is relieved in almost all patients.

·         Venous thromboembolic disease signs such as leg swelling are typically alleviated.

·         Lower back pain and joint pain are typically relieved or improved in nearly all patients.

CT Scans Now Available

The computed tomography (CT) scan is a medical imaging procedure Machine that uses x-rays and digital computer technology to create cross-section images of the body.  Read more

MRI Scans Are Now Available

MRI gives different information about structures in the body than can’t be seen with an ordinary X-ray, ultrasound, or computed tomography (CT) scan. MRI also may show problems that cannot be seen with other imaging methods. Read more

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