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Our Mission is: “To provide holistic quality health service in an unchallenged, competent and friendly environment”.

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We have Doctors on call and those on duty daily or scheduled on weekly basis at the Hospital. Refer to the time table for more information.


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Case Medical Group is an umbrella company representing Case Hospital, Case Medcare Center, Case Medcare and the affiliated health care facilities all over the country. Case Hospital is a limited company duly registered with the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council. Case Hospital is a private health care service provider dedicated to the provision and […]
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Fatigue Cause no. 7: Caffeine Overload Too much caffeine can cause jitteriness, increased heart rate or palpitations, high blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia. In addition, after caffeine wears off, users can ‘crash’ and feel fatigued. Fatigue Cause No. 8: Hidden UTI Common symptoms of urinary tract infections (UTIs) include pain or burning during urination, or […]
Case Hospital
Ladies and Gentlemen, help me make this Doctor famous for her unbelievably big heart. After driving thru over 10 medical places from Namugongo to Kololo between 6-8Pm, we finally reached #CaseMedcare on Buganda road, the lady at the reception checked and found that the Dentist had finished her day and was heading out. I was […]
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Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by out of control cell growth forming lumps or masses These lumps or masses interfere with the body systems leading to a malfunction and death in most case�Causes of cancers are: Age e.g. prostate cancer Genes in the family � e. breast cancers in females Carcinogens e.g. Tobacco […]
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Our Machines

We have State of the art MRI and CT-Scan & Laboratory Equipment among others

Our Rooms

Private, Semi-Private and VIP rooms that are self contained, air conditioned and wired with DSTV for the comfort of a home away from home environment

Our Staff

Friendly staff offering VIP Customer Care For All