About Us

Welcome to Case Hospital

Case Medical Group is the umbrella company representing Case Medical Center, Case Medcare and the affiliated health care facilities all over the country. This group started in 1995 with Case clinic as the pioneer company and in 2005, Casemedcare was started.

Case Medical Center is a limited company duly registered with the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council. Case Medical Center is a private health care service provider which started 20 years ago as a small clinic located on Bombo road. Over these years, it has grown to provide primary, secondary and some tertiary health care services.

Case Medical Center is currently an eighty bed modern health facility providing general and specialized health services to both the Uganda population and also the neighboring country patients who travel all the way from their respective countries for health services.

Case Medical Center is an ISO certified health facility and provides health services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. All its staff of 30 general practitioners and 50 specialists are also fully registered with the Uganda Medical and Dental practitioners Council

Vision and Mission Statements


“To Be a Health Care Center of  Excellence.”


“Is to provide holistic quality health services in a competent and friendly environment.”

Core Values

The core values of Case Medical Group are:

  1. Courtesy In all the groups’ dealings
  2. Acountability in all the groups’ actions
  3. Services in the groups’ offerings
  4. Excellence as a habit
Our Policies


CASE MEDICAL GROUP management recognize and accept their moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees, volunteers, clients & the general public, and to ensure its contractors have the same recognition and objectives.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Case Medical Group,  I commit that I have a duty of care to ensure , promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of the workers, clients and visitors in all the departments. I will do the following;

  • Support the establishment of and recognize the healthy safety representative committee (HSRC) that will constitute occupation health and safety representative appointed from the different departments.
  • Facilitate the training of HSR’s and other workers in all aspects of the occupation health and safety standards.
  • Provide safety equipment, clothing devices and materials for personal protection during the different undertaking in the different Departments.

Occupation Health and Safety Representative will be responsible for ensuring that the workers use and follow the recognized working standard protocols and procedures. They will be trained and should train others in Occupation Health and safety as approved by the Hospital occupation safety and Health committee. They will ensure the safety if all equipment, and any other items used in and around the Hospital.

They will asses, evaluate and recommend;

a) Any actions, procedures and situations deemed risky to the working environment.

b) Any persons whose health has been compromised by any occupation Hazards.

The employees will under all circumstance adhere to the OHS policy standards and will support events, programs and any actions put forth in the interest of the OHS policy. These will include but not limited to meetings, training, response to any investigations or providing any rightful information that is in the best interest of OHS standard. They will work hand in hand with the HSR’s in reporting hazardous conditions, accidents and any malpractice or abuse of the OHS policy.

Contractors to the Hospital will carry out their work in safe premises using safe equipment and working protocols, employ systems of work that are safe and are in line with  the Hospital OHS policy. They will be experienced and possession of all necessary licenses, permits, registration and insurances.


Case Medical Group aspires to be the best Medical Services provider in the country and region with the aim of becoming a world-class organization. It is committing to:

  • Providing ethical, professional, innovative services with quality and customer tailored requirements that create value to our stake holders.
  • Meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations continuously.
  • Ensuring that employees have the relevant skills and competencies to carry out their roles and responsibilities by training and motivation.
  • Ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Contributing top social and economic development of the community in which we operate.
  • Ensuring an appropriate return on equity thereby enhancing shareholder value.
  • International standard: ISO 9001-2008 for continual improvement.
Our Machines

State of the art MRI and CT-Scan & Laboratory Equipment

Our Rooms

Private, Semi-Private and VIP rooms that are self contained, air conditioned and wired with DSTV for the comfort of a home away from home environment.

Our Staff

Friendly staff offering VIP Customer Care For All