About Case Medcare

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

Case Medcare is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) that provides affordable health insurance to its clients. It is a limited company duly registered by the Insurance Regulation Authority of Uganda. Case Medcare started as a small HMO and has grown over the years to provide affordable health insurance plans to many organizations.

Case Medcare provides individual, family and group (corporate) health insurance plans. These plans are Client centred, Affordable, Safe and Effective in reducing the out of pocket payment burden that leads many households to financial catastrophe.

Case Medcare is assisted by affiliated health care facilities all over the country including Case Medical Center in providing the health care services in accordance to the agreed health insurance plans.

Mission and Vision

Vision: To be a health Maintenance Organization that ensures access to qualitative, equitable and affordable health care to Ugandans.

Mission: To provide the most affordable and beneficial health insurance plans to all its enrollees.

Core Values

The core values of Case Medical Group are:

  1. Courtesy in all its dealings
  2. Accountability in all its actions
  3. Service in its offerings
  4. Excellence as a habit.

 A. Individual Package
This is a health care plan that is purchased by an individual.
B. Family Package
This is a health care plan that is purchased by a family.
C. Corporate Package
This is a group health care plan that is established and maintained by the employer providing medical care for employees through a health insurance organization.

  • Low premiums paid.
  • Higher cost limits to services such as dental, maternity and optical.
  • Unlimited Outpatient services.
  • Flexibility in operations.
  • Wide range of health care facilities all over the country.
  • Medical checkups covered in the scheme.
  • Out patient
  • In patient
  • Dental
  • Delivery by Normal or Caesarean
  • Surgical (Operations)
  • Antenatal
  • Pediatrics (child illness treatment)
  • Medical (Adult illness treatment)
  • Physiotherapy (Medical exercise)
  • Imaging with Ultrasound, X-ray
  • Specialist consultation
  • General practitioner’s consultation
  • Ambulance services
  • Pharmacy services
  • Medical checkups


  • Case Medcare Office Line: + 256 312 250 784
  • Case Medcare Manager: +256 772 888 324
  • Case Medcare Medical Coordinator: +256 782 010 159     

Affiliate Clinics

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT CALL: +256-312 250 700, +256-701 250 362