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what our dental dept can achieve

The Dental Clinic is staffed and equipped with modern facilities to handle a variety of dental treatments in the different disciplines of dentistry. Tooth extraction Fillings of different categories Teeth cleaning Root canal treatment Teeth whitening Teeth whitening Tooth replacement with prosthetics Oral surgery Dental X-ray Dental Staffing


Tips on Hepatitis B Virus Infection

Hepatitis B is a potentially life threatening liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus. In Uganda, the prevalence of hepatitis B is 10% in the general population. Areas mostly affected are Northern, Eastern, Karamoja and Kasese. Hepatitis B is 100 times more infections than HIV and can survive for 7 days outside the body. […]


Cancer Tips

Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by out of control cell growth forming lumps or masses These lumps or masses interfere with the body systems leading to a malfunction and death in most case Causes of cancers are: Age e.g. prostate cancer Genes in the family i.e. breast cancers in females Carcinogens e.g. Tobacco […]

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