Cardiology involves adequate investigations and diagnosis of heart disease. At Case Medical Centre, Cardiology Department has been considered among the best departments in heart diseases in Uganda.

Exercise Treadmill

Patients with suspected coronary heart disease need to have their ECG examined under stress by the treadmill.


This is a test to detect both abnormal heart rhythms and damage to the heart. The electric signals of the heart are attached to the body, across the chest and to each limb.

Holter Monitor

We can pick up heart palpitations and rhythms problems that are experienced from time to time. A 24hour tape or Holter Monitor is able to look at the heart rhythm and rate for a prolonged period. This diagnoses causes of palpitations, dizziness or blackouts which may be either due to too fast or too slow rhythms.

Echo Scan

An ultra sound of the heart uses sound waves bounced off the heart to build up a picture both the structure and function of the heart. The test is harmless. It detects abnormalities in heart muscle (poor function or abnormal thickening), valves (narrowing or leakage), or holes in the heart tissue.


The department ensures that the Cardiologist is available:
Monday to Friday from 5pm onwards.
Monday to Saturday 8am to 5pm.
Weekends the cardiologist is available on call basis.
In emergency cases the cardiologist is called on site with a high degree of response.
A Senior Cardiologist does reviews of all our patients on a weekly basis.