Full range of Imaging Services


Computerized   Tomography   (CT)   &   the   Magnetic   Resonance

Imaging  –  MRI.  A  modern  Siemens  Open  MRI  and  a  64  slice  CT Phillips CT Scan to enable doctors make precise  and  accurate diagnosis of diseases


The    hospital    offers    state    of the  art  imaging  services  using modern  technology  equipment including 3D and 4D ultrasound, Fluoroscopy       and       dynamic studies,  Venograms,  arterigram, fistiulograms and general x-rays for  areas  including  skull,  chest and  limbs.  Our  automatic  film processor      guarantees      x-ray results    in    a    maximum    of    3 minutes.

This minimised use of X-ray which would      otherwise      load      our environment   with   silver   is   an environmentally  friendly  project