Antenatal Packages

for Antenatal

This is a health care plan that is purchased by for Antenatal Services

Advantages Of Case Medcare Packages

  • Access Health care at case Hospital.
  • Enjoy discounted premiums on Renewal.
  • Get a cover specific to your needs – Antenatal, Chronic.
  • Flexibility in operations.
  • Wide range of health care facilities all over the country.

Pregnancy Period

0 %
Within 3 Months
0 %
Within 6 Months
0 %
After 6 Months
Sn Services Rendered Quality
1 Documentation of details and history
2 Blood Pressure & Weight Monitoring 1
3 Blood grouping 8
4 Full blood count 1
5 HIV 2
6 Syphilis test 2
7 Hepatitis B test 1
8 Urine analysis 1
9 Investigation upon medical advice 8
10 Review of All tests done 1
11 Folic Acid & iron supplements 6
12 Dose of Tetanus Vaccine 3
13 Ultra Sound Scan 3
14 Ultra Sound Scan 8
15 Abdominal examination includes listening to a baby’s heart 7
16 Random blood sugar 1
17 Deworming tablets 2
18 Anti Malaria dose (Fansidar) 2
19 Discuss plan of delivery with obstetrician 1
20 In case not into Labor by due date, the Obstetrician will discuss the plan for your delivery 1
Total 60


  • Pregnancy confirmation
  • Bio physical profile scan (BPP)
  • Treatment of pregnancy related complications like Malaria, Diabetes or any infections, High blood pressure
  • The services listed above shall be charged under normal hospital rates
  • Any Hospitalisations that take place during the term of pregnancy
  • Vaccination book
  • HIV testing for Spouse
  • Consultations with specialists e.g. Hematologist, endocrinologist etc.
  • HIV counselling for mother and spouse
For non- routine drugs, lab test and imaging investigation Package price is Ugx360,000 (Three Hundred & Sixty Thousand Ugandan Shillings only)

Case Medcare provides individual, family and group (corporate) health insurance plans. These plans are Client centred, Affordable, Safe and Effective in reducing the out of pocket payment burden that leads many households to financial catastrophe.